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Yes, Bagson Calibration Lab Pvt. Ltd. is NABL accredited in mechanical, electro-technical, thermal and optical discipline.
No. If the surface plate is placed at the same supports on which it was originally levelled then there will be no change in flatness upto the size of 1000x2000mm
Slip Gauges of Grade 0 and Grade 1 cannot be calibrated with single probe, because the air film and bend in slip gauge introduces error.
Rigid Slip gauge calibrator with double probes of least count of 0.01micron and reference slip gauge set of grade 00 or grade K are required for the calibration of slip gauges.
The standard temperature of calibration is 20 degree Celsius in mechanical measurement but if the master equipment and the jobs under test are of the same material and are stabilized at the same temperature then the difference in measurement is almost negligible.
Calibration proves whether the instrument you are using for the measurement is measuring accurately or not. It also ensures your confidence in the instrument to show the correct measurement.
The re-calibration depends on the usage of the instrument. Generally, instruments are calibrated every 12months on an average. However, if the usage is more the frequency might reduce to 3-6 months. In some cases, the frequency of re-calibration is dependent on the statutory requirement of the nodal body / NABL or as per audit requirement.
Traceable calibration is not a guarantee of authentic results in calibration. The accredited laboratory has to maintain and follow strict guidelines as per ISO/ IEC-17025 with regular audits by the certifying agency.
It is recommended to level the surface plate. However, it is not mandatory to do so because the flatness of the surface plate remains the same irrespective of the levelling.
Place the surface plate on three supports, which are placed in shape of a triangle. Place a spirit level at the centre of the surface plate. Adjust the height of the support till the bubble of the spirit level is in the centre. Now, rotate the spirit level by 90° and repeat the process of adjusting the bubble of the spirit level by changing the height of the support.
No, until we calibrate the vertical slide of machine and make sure that the slide is operating at exactly 90° we cannot take the vertical slide as reference to calibrate the angle plate.
Bagson selects the best quality of black granite with close grained uniform structure for its raw material. A velvet finish of the top working surface is achieved by highly skilled workers. The processing of the granite surface plate is done under temperature controlled environment and the flatness of the working surface is monitored at different intervals with the help of highly precise measuring instruments. After a strict inspection by the QC department the surface plates are packed and dispatched to customers.
Yes, we manufacture various sizes on request. For more information please contact us at, sales@bagson.com